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Driver Transporting 11 Children, Cited for Accident

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Fort Myers Police is investigating a day care worker that has been involved in a car accident on Wednesday with eleven children. None of the children had their seatbelts on, nor were they in car seats, say police.

Officials say the woman was driving her Dodge Durango on State Road 82 when she tried turning left onto Buckingham when she drove into the path of a van. The driver of the van was ejected from the vehicle. He was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition.

The children, who varied in age from 6 months to 9 years old, were restrained in any fashion. Eight of the eleven children were transported to the hospital.

In the past, she has been caught driving on five separate occasions with children in her vehicle, while they were unrestrained.

Eleven Citations were issued to the daycare worker:

1 for violation of right of way

4 for seatbelt violations

6 no child restraint violations

“With the seatbelt tickets she’s facing a hefty fine, but no jail time right now,” said Officer Seay. Additional charges could be added pending the condition of the driver of the van.