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A Florida woman is being accused of running a “slip and fall” scam at a grocery store in Sunrise.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the woman losing her footing in one of the aisles and taking a nasty fall. A store worker comes to help her up, when she loses her footing again, falling to the floor.

After viewing the surveillance footage the store manager noticed there was something strange about the slip and fall accident. “When she’s falling, she doesn’t fall backward, she falls forward,” usually when it is a slip and fall, you tend to fall backward.

The manager was doing his own investigation and rewound the tape back just enough to find quite a surprise. The woman, in the same aisle, minutes before the accident appears to be trying to open a bottle of olive oil, unsuccessfully.

The woman puts the oil back on the shelf and leaves the aisle only to return moments later to attempt opening another bottle. The tape then shows her pouring some of the oil onto the floor and she puts the bottle back and leaves the aisle.

Moments later she returns to the same aisle and “slips” on the oil.

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